Cirque du Soleil Aerialist Dies After Fatal Fall During Show

Acrobat Isis Clegg-Vinell center plays the mother in “Crystal.”

Acrobat Isis Clegg-Vinell center plays the mother in “Crystal.”

Cirque du Soleil president and CEO Daniel Lamarre confirmed Arnaud's death in a tweet Sunday.

Cirque du Soleil says one of its aerialists sustained fatal injuries when he fell to the stage during a performance of Volta Saturday night in Tampa, Fla.

The 38-year-old father-of-two was suspended by straps directly above the stage at the time of the accident, which happened on Saturday night.

The company are offering their "full and transparent collaboration" as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the death, the statement read.

The remaining two Volta shows scheduled in Tampa have been cancelled.

A Cirque du Soleil performer has died after falling during an aerial performance in Tampa, Florida. "It's time to go for it", he wrote.

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Julian Martinez was in the audience when the performer fell. "In order for the VOLTA team to focus on the health of the artist, the rest of the show has been canceled", the statement continued.

The Volta show has been touring across Canada and the USA for years.

Guyard-Guillot, who had 22 years experience, was appearing in the Las Vegas show Ka when her harness slipped from its safety wire. Speaking to, a spokesperson for production confirmed "with enormous sadness" that Arnaud passed away at a local hospital.

Rochette was the son of Cirque du Soleil co-founder Gilles St-Croix.

Six acrobats were using the teeterboard, a seesaw they use to launch each other into the air, when the Belgian man landed badly and collapsed in obvious pain.

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