"Women Are Absolutely Equal To Men": Saudi Crown Prince

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman arrives at Lambeth Palace London Britain

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman arrives at Lambeth Palace London Britain

Oil prices eased on Monday after rallying at the end of last week, but tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran helped limit losses.

With the ascent to power of young Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the kingdom has seen an expansion in women's rights including a decision to allow women to attend mixed public sporting events and the right to drive cars.

'Everywhere we go in the Middle East it's Iran, Iran, Iran, ' he said a few days ago. "We are working on an initiative, which we will launch in the near future, to introduce regulations ensuring equal pay for men and women".

The aging King Salman, who rarely travels outside the kingdom on official business, visited China and Russia past year, signing economic, security and nuclear energy deals, including a Saudi letter of intent to purchase a Russian antimissile defense system. "All actions taken were in accordance with existing and published laws". "The amount exceeds $100 billion", he added, speaking of the money paid by the elites in exchange of their freedom.

Saudi officials, comparably to President Trump, Israeli officials, and many GOP leaders, agree that the Obama deal with Iran does not limit Iran's nuclear capacity but merely delays Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, while ignoring Iran's other activities, such as supporting Shia militias.

"I hope that this militia ceases using the humanitarian situation to their advantage in order to draw sympathy from the global community".

Prince Mohammed has also promoted an interventionist foreign policy that has continued a humanitarian crisis in neighbouring Yemen. The quotations below were taken from a transcript provided to The New York Times.

The Saudi-based Muslim World League, a body once notable for its anti-Israel hostility, in January condemned Holocaust denial, Times Of Israel noted. The Saudi economy is larger than the Iranian economy.

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Trump's plan will also expand treatment, although it still remains unclear how this will be funded by the administration. Notably missing from the president's plan were safe injection sites which have popped up in some cities across the U.S.

"What we did in Saudi Arabia was extremely necessary".

Asked to explain his description of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as "the new Hitler" of the Middle East, he said: "He wants to expand". Many countries around the world and in Europe did not realise how unsafe Hitler was until what happened, happened.

In the interview, Salman said his private spending was his business.

The crown prince has been using investments by the PIF to build relationships with other companies he hopes will play a role in that economic and social transformation, including SoftBank Group Corp. and Blackstone Group LP. Many of the Al-Qaeda operatives are protected in Iran and it refuses to surrender them to justice, and continues to refuse to extradite them to the United States.

"Osama bin Laden recruited 15 Saudis in the 9/11 attacks with a clear objective", he said.

He then adds: 'If you think you can just applaud his anti-Iran stance and religious reforms and all will work out fine, you're wrong'. "He is supported by Iran", he stressed.

"This week there will be. a pricing of some geopolitical risk with the crown prince going on a visit to the United States which is likely to provide a lot of headlines against Iran and the. deal", Jakob said, referring to the nuclear pact Iran has with world powers on its nuclear program.

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