Android P Will Block Apps Built for Android 4.1 or Lower

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Google's work to shore up Android security included collaborating with several device manufacturers to ensure they had up-to-date versions of Android running on their devices. According to the report, with Android P, developers will have to target a minimum API level of 17, which is equivalent to Android 4.2. Back in December, Google announced that Play Store apps would need to support versions of Android no more than one year old going forward.

We are used to Apple requiring app developers to support its latest devices and operating systems. This essentially means that the applications below the API level will cease from functioning when Android P is rolled out.

Developers have found a new class in the latest Android P Dev Preview, which sets a minimum API version.

What's more, in the recently-released Android P Developer Preview 1, Google warns users when they open an ageing app, throwing up the message: "This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly". The new branding clarifies that Google smartwatches aren't restricted to Android phones, which could help the ecosystem to better rival the Apple Watch.

Google Play Instant games let you play first, download later
The main advantage of these Instant games , though, is that users can try the game without having to install anything. Naturally, the Arcade section of the app will host instant games so users can jump right into a game.

So you're on a device that runs Android Oreo, and you want to see what Android P looks like.

We'll know Google's intentions once Android P goes final. The move possibly comes as Google is looking to improve the security features with Android P, which the firm is also doing by blocking idle apps from accessing your smartphones' camera and mic.

Google has already shown its dedication to bringing the Play Store apps up to date by setting a minimum API support requirement for newly uploaded apps. Some old apps, despite being functional, may contain security vulnerabilities. Some apps (Snapchat is one example) get around these limitations by targeting an older version of Android, so the requirements don't apply.

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