Jim Carrey Reveals New Portrait, This Time Of Donald Trump

Carrey¿s Twitter account features dozens of pieces of his artwork and are often topic such as this one of Stephen Hawking who died last week at the age of 76

Jim Carrey unveils garish portrait of Sarah Sanders

A new piece by the burgeoning Picasso, however, is going viral for a different reason than the documentary.

In a 2017 interview with W magazine, Carrey, whose films seemed to dominate the box office in the '90's and early 2000s, revealed he spent the last six years of his life painting and sculpting.

Jim Carrey is getting slammed online for a caricature he shared that looks to be inspired by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. "We have more to offer, better education, better comments". If only there were someone who matched that description.

So yes, obviously the response to Carrey's painting is hypocritical howling from the right.

Carrey painted a caricature of 35-year-old Huckabee Sanders depicting her as a angry-looking woman complete with a ruddy complexion and furrowed brow.

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The images sparked controversy with many on Twitter saying that Carrey was "bullying" Sanders and decrying the image's seeming mockery of Sanders' physical appearance.

Because the masses consider this a portrait of the White House Press Secretay it is considered "disgraceful" and "garish" in the many critiques today about his latest handy work, according to Fox News.

A screenplay for the sequel to his 1997 hit, Liar Liar, in which a magic wish by one of Sanders's children finds her unable to lie for 15 seconds, during which time shenanigans ensue.

The unnamed portrait created by Jim Carrey does resemble Sarah Huckabee Sanders so much so that there is no doubt about it online.

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