Ford Has Made A Car Vending Machine With Alibaba

Ford vending machine begins dispensing cars in China

Alibaba opens car vending machine in China that gives free test drives for people with good social credit

Alibaba also planning to build similar auto vending machines in Beijing and Hangzhou, while continue exploring collaboration opportunities with Ford in cloud computing, digital marketing, as well as in-car operating systems with AliOS, Alibaba's IoT operating-system developer.

According to Gasgoo, residents of Guangzhou who qualify under at least two social credits systems (yes, China does rate its citizens like that), can use Alibaba's Taobao mobile app or the Tmall platform to book a test drive in one of ten Ford vehicles available, including, for instance, the Ford Mustang.

The "vending machine" looks a bit like some scaffolding was forced into life as a multi-storey auto park with a pair of cat eyes and ears stuck on top of it because.erm.China. Now, the companies have opened a cat-themed auto vending machine in Guangzhou, China, that lets customers easily test-drive Ford vehicles they're looking to buy. That's why Ford and Alibaba joined forces to come together and provide customers with a new way of purchasing cars. They then take a selfie with the app, which is used to confirm their booking at the test-drive centre. Users can simply select the auto they want from Alibaba's Tmall app and then take it for a three-day test drive.

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They simply select a model on Alibaba's Taobao mobile app, have their face scanned by the app, and when they arrive at the machine, it will verify their identities before the vehicle is delivered.

Alibaba and Ford signed a deal to form a partnership previous year that would see both companies working together on new technological opportunities. For those with scores above 700, the three day test drive is free. The e-commerce company has sold other cars through the app in the past. If the score is above 700, they will be able to take the vehicle out for free. The general manager of the company explained that the idea was done to make efficient use of the little land in Singapore.

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