French police eye anti-Semitism in Holocaust survivor's death

'Plausible' That Murder of Holocaust Survivor Was anti-Semitism, French FM Says

A Holocaust Survivor Was Murdered In Paris And Police Say The Motive May Have Been Anti-Semitism

Mireille Knoll, 85, was stabbed and burnt to death in her apartment last week.

The most recent figures available show that anti-Semitic violence increased by 26 percent previous year in France and that criminal damage to Jewish places of worship and burials increased by 22 percent. CRIF is organizing a memorial march in Kanol's memory Tuesday.

That exodus has since slowed, but a spate of anti-Semitic attacks since have continued to frighten one of Europe's biggest Jewish communities, numbering an estimated half a million. "We have had many discussions on rising anti-Semitism both from the extreme right and from radicalized Muslims which has been a problem for some time especially in poor suburban areas and are working with the authorities".

The chief rabbi of Paris, Haim Korsia, wrote on Twitter that he was "horrified" by the killing.

The death of the frail octogenarian described by neighbours as very quiet has shocked the Jewish community, coming a year after an Orthodox Jewish woman in her sixties was thrown out the window of her Paris flat by a neighbour shouting "Allahu Akhbar" (God is greatest).

Despite the evidence that the attack had a religious dimension, French authorities declined to include Anti-Semitism as an element of the crime until pressured to do so by French Jewish groups just last month. Many speculated at the time that the anti-Semitic aspect of the incident were hushed by the government out of fear that it would garner support for National Front leader, Marie le Pen, who was then running against President Emanuel Macron for the seat the latter now occupies.

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And President of CRIF, Francis Kalifat also expressed his anger.

Two men, aged 22 and 29, have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

But a day later the Paris prosecutor said it was believed to be anti-Semitic. Demonstrators will gather at the Place De La Nation in Paris before marching to the Avenue Philippe-Auguste, the street where Knoll lived.

Her son's said she managed to evade the notorious 1942 roundup of over 13,000 Jews in Paris during World War II when she was only nine years old. Virtually all were subsequently murdered at Auschwitz. Mr. Ejnes said that the suspect, who lives in the same building she occupied, visited her the afternoon before the crime while some of her children were present and did not display any unusual behavior.

'Both men are in custody and have been charged with murder related to their victim's religion, real or imagined, ' a source close to the case said. In fact, as a child she had survived a round-up of Jews by the Nazis.

Meyer Habib, who represents French citizens living in Israel in France's parliament, said Mrs. Knoll was "a victim of the hatred of Jews which rages in [poor] suburbs". "But to recognize a sad reality and to fight the Islamism that is plaguing our country".

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