Kylie Jenner Changes Her Look Again, Says She's 'Meant To Be Blonde'

Kylie Jenner shows off toned abs seven weeks after giving birth to Stormi

Kylie Jenner flaunts her post-baby body in a post, just weeks after giving birth to Stormi Webster

The reality star just revealed her hot new hairstyle. Many wives, girlfriends or partners would be more than alright with receiving a Ferrari out of the blue, but Kylie Jenner may be a little harder to please.

The last time Jenner had blonde hair was back in October of a year ago.

Kylie credited hairstylist to the stars Tokyo Stylez for getting her blonde hair so luscious and natural looking, whether it's a wig or dye job. She first showcased this look in a Snapchat video with her sister, Khloé Kardashian, while they were doing a Lip Kit shoot.

Kylie really enjoys playing with her look, since she opted for a short, shoulder-length blonde shortly after her pregnancy, then traded it for long, wavy tresses before going blonde again.

Jenner has already taken to social media several times to show off her post-baby body, showing how far she's come already since giving birth on February 1.

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Sharing a photo of herself at the gym in 2016, Kardashian pointed out that she had a naked photo of herself hanging on her wall. The 20-year-old, who had a baby just last month, posted a #tbt over the weekend with the caption, "summer goals". Body-shaming Jenner for working out during or soon after a pregnancy is definitely not okay, but it should be noted that the social media star is also hawking products that come with a variety of health risks and could create unrealistic standards. She's also shared plenty of images with Stormi Webster as well as stuff like the above video, which has looked into her post-pregnancy body changes.

The Instagram queen ensured her daughter's very first selfies were shot in gorgeous black and white, too.

"Can't handle myself omg cute both of you", a netizen commented.

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