Russian shopping mall fire claims 64 lives, criminal probe underway

Dozens feared dead in Russia shopping mall fire

At least 48 dead, scores missing in Siberia shopping centre fire

Smoke rises above a multi-story shopping centre in the Siberian city of Kemerovo.

CCTV footage has emerged online showing the moment when one of the deadliest fires in Russia's recent history ignited, engulfing a crowded shopping mall last weekend, leaving at least 64 people dead.

The incident began at about 5 p.m. on Sunday when a fire broke out on the fourth floor of the Winter Cherry mall, which was home to a three-screen movie theater, a skating rink, and a play area for children.

The Investigative Committee said in a statement on Monday that it is searching for a security officer who is suspected of turning off the PA system after he received a call about the blaze.

Kemerovo is about 3,600 kilometers, approximately 2,240 miles, from Moscow.

Emergency services said they had extinguished the fire, but later said it had reignited in places, and that rescuers were struggling to recover bodies because the building's top floor had collapsed.

Alexander Bastrykin, chief of the Investigative Committee, told Putin on Tuesday that the fire alarm had not been operational for two weeks and that the security guard was detained but they still had no "reasonable" explanation for his actions.

The shopping mall, which opened in 2013, has a cinema, petting zoo, children's center and bowling, Tass reported. One is an 11-year-old boy who jumped out a fourth-floor window to escape the blaze.

Do Russian fire safety regulators have similar authority?

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A burning shopping centre in Kemerovo, Siberia on March 25, 2018. There are also bodies that will require genetic testing to identify.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) sent condolences to Russian Federation over Sunday's fire that swept through a shopping mall, killing dozens of people.

Video on social media showed people jumping from windows to escape. The fire fighters initially followed him to the staircase leading to the theatre, but they were redirected by a man who told them of another fire.

The BBC reports that investigators believe a technician switched off the fire alarm after finding out about the fire, but that's hardly the only issue arising in the aftermath of the fire.

The cause of the fire has still not been determined. "What's the reason?" Putin said at a meeting with the task force dealing with the fire.

Russia's state news agency reports a child with a cigarette lighter may have set fire to foam on a trampoline.

"I was shouting into the phone, telling her to get out but there was nothing I could do - the fire was in front of me", he said. The governor said that one of his own relatives had died in the fire, "and unfortunately this relative was a little girl".

"We have started selling individual sites so the whole complex has many owners", he told Russian media outlet Mash, naming another official.

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