Beware of 'hectic' flu this season

Officials in Delaware warn the flu is not over yet

Protect your whānau from flu this winter

Health officials say influenza B can make people just as ill as influenza A. "After the winter months, some may have the tendency to think the flu is no longer a threat, but flu germs can circulate well into the summer, so we should all continue to take preventive measures against influenza, particularly social distancing". "Based on our numbers, we're nearly back at the bottom of our curve", Person said.

As March came to a close, three more Delawareans died from the flu, public health officials announced Monday. "There are three other strains that can affect your health too".

Type A often is considered harsher, but that's not actually the case, one expert said.

Groups who are at high risk of contracting the flu virus are children younger than five but especially under two, adults over 65-years-old, pregnant women, residents of nursing homes and those who have certain chronic medical conditions including asthma, heart diseases, liver disorders, kidney disorders and more.

"We now know from research that it causes equally severe illness", said Dr. George Novan, clinical professor of medicine at Washington State University's Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, in a news release.

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'Although getting vaccinated is the most effective way of avoiding the flu, we should not ignore basic practices such as proper hand washing, covering a cough with a tissue or our arm and staying home when we're sick'.

A Queensland Health spokesman said there may be several factors contributing to the high number of cases this year, including increased awareness and the number of tests conducted in public laboratories having nearly doubled in the past few years.

Dr Khan said it was due to an elderly person's weakened immune system which put them most at risk of death after contracting the flu virus or at risk of serious complications.

This flu season had a record 20,131 influenza cases and 326 deaths have been confirmed by San Diego's Health and Human Services Agency.

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