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THE BJP income increased by more than 80 per cent in 2016-17 as opposed to the Congress, which witnessed a 14 per cent slump in its earnings during the same period, an analysis by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has found.

The Indian National Congress's income was a distant second at Rs 225.36 crore which accounts for 14.4% of the total income. Thus, any party which does not submit its IT returns on or before the due date, their income should not be tax-exempted and defaulting parties should be derecognized.

BJP declared Rs 997.12 crore in Grant/ donations/ contributions forming 96.41 percent of the total income of the party during 2016-17, cites the report.

BJP declared the maximum expenditure of Rs 710.05 crore in 2016-17, while Congress incurred a total expenses of Rs 321.66 crore (Rs 96.30 crore more than its total income).

"It is to be noted that between 2015-16 and 2016-17, the income of All India Trinamool Congress decreased by 81.52 per cent (Rs 28.188 crore) from Rs 34.578 crore during 2015-16 to Rs 6.39 crore during 2016-17, while the income of the CPI (M) decreased by 6.72 per cent (Rs 7.224 crore) from Rs 107.48 crore during 2015-16 to Rs 100.256 crore during 2016-17". Its income in FY 2015-16 was Rs 261.56 crore.

With the massive increase in its income, the BJP, during 2015-16 had the highest income among all the national parties.

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The maximum expenditure for BJP during FY 2016-17 was towards Election/ General Propaganda which amounted to Rs 606.64 cr followed by expenses towards Administrative Cost, Rs 69.78 cr.

The total income of the seven national parties has increased by 51 percent, ( Rs 525.9 Crore) from Rs 1,033.18 Crore during FY- 2015-2016 to Rs 1,559.17 Crore during FY- 2016-2017. It shows that nearly Rs 150 crore was spent on election-related activities, with another Rs115.65 crore of expenses incurred on administrative and general costs.

Seven national parties have collected maximum 74.98%(Rs 1,169.07 crore) income from voluntary contributions for 2016-17. While the BJP submitted its report on 8 Feb 2018 (a delay of 99 days) the Congress submitted its report on 19 March 2018 (a delay of 138 days). This forms about 66.34 percent of the total income of all the seven national parties added together (Rs 1559.17 Crore).

BJP and Congress have declared donations and contributions as one of their 3 main sources of income (BJP - Rs 997.12 crore and Congress - Rs 50.626 crore). The party, which was at the time led by Sonia Gandhi, made Rs 115.644 crore (or 51.32 per cent) under the head. The ruling BJP and the main opposition Congress, have delayed submitting their audit reports by an average of nearly 6 months.

The National political parties must provide all information on their finances under the Right to Information Act.

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