Organ donation lapse to be probed

Following Humboldt Broncos bus crash, BC sees sixfold increase in organ donor registrations

Organ donations save lives, positively affect others

Every week, more than 150 people on the national transplant waiting list die because a lifesaving organ is not available.

They are encouraging citizens to register as organ and tissue donors when they obtain or renew a license at the registry, which officials with New England Donor Services said is overwhelmingly the most popular way to register.

"The goal of the green ribbon campaign is to bring awareness to the fact that we need more donors, and how much good it does to be a donor", Kevin Allen, public affairs coordinator at Midwest Transplant Network, says.

It was beating soundly in the chest of a 60-year-old New Hampshire man whose life was saved because Yell had registered as an organ donor prior to his untimely death.

Campbell spoke briefly about her children having registered as organ donors, and how they encouraged their friends to do the same.

Those interested in registering as an organ donor can do so at the B.C. Transplant website.

Roman Catholic bishop Paul Mason has said plans for an opt-out system "undermine the concept of donation as a gift, and cross the line of what is a reasonable action for the state to take in relation to the individuals within it".

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"We have a separation between the doctors who are working to save your life. The people that get his organs are going to have a chance at a good life".

"We always work with the families".

Manitoba donor physician Dr. Faisal Siddiqui said whenever stories like the Humboldt Broncos bus crash is covered by news media, it sways people who were contemplating donating to actually follow through.

This is part of a trend for the organ donor agency.

When pointed out that Goa does not have SOTTO (State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation) to get the benefit of organs donated, Rane said, "It is all rubbish that we do not have SOTTO etc we have a cadaveric transplant facility in place already and that is enough", he stated.

She said many people put off registration because they don't want to think about how this issue could affect them, but she hopes Boulet's example will jolt Canadians into signing up.

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