Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is working with Mueller

Google to launch new Gmail design in the coming weeks

Gmail web revamp leaks w/ rounded design, sidebar widgets, Google Tasks, and more

The announcement comes with Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg set to begin testimony at congressional hearings Tuesday and Wednesday on abuse of private data collected by the social network.

Zuckerberg has apologized many times already, to users and the public, but it is the first time in his career that he has gone before Congress.

"I am very committed to making sure that Facebook is a platform for all ideas", Zuckerberg told Cruz.

Given the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal, it was expected the Facebook founder would eventually find himself in the hot seat. not a "booster seat".

The resident of Chicago's Graceland West neighborhood was one of millions of users who received a notification from Facebook on Tuesday morning informing her that her data might have been accessed by Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook will investigate tens of thousands of apps to discover if any other companies have accessed data in a similar way to Cambridge Analytica. Patrick Leahy while he testified on Capitol Hill whether Facebook had been served subpoenas for the special counsel, Zuckerberg responded "yes", but later clarified: "I am actually not aware of a subpoena".

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Capitol Hill Tuesday for an nearly five-hour US Senate hearing related to Facebook's sharing of its users' personal data with third party apps.

In February, Mr Mueller's office charged 13 Russians with interference in the 2016 election, along with three Russian companies.

Google to launch new Gmail design in the coming weeks

Being Mark Zuckerberg means always having to say you're sorry. From how the man of short stature used a booster seat while addressing the questions to hilariously changing the closed captions of Zuckerberg and senator Chuck Grassley, meme makers seem to have had gone to town.

Mark Zuckerberg said, "I think it's pretty much impossible".

In addition, all 2.2 billion Facebook users will receive a notice section titled "Protecting Your Information" with a link to see what apps they're using and what information the users have shared with those apps.

Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, put things a bit more bluntly at Tuesday's hearing.

"In retrospect, that was clearly a mistake". One message talks about your general Facebook data and privacy and the other focuses on Cambridge Analytica.

Lawmakers were at times aggressive Tuesday as they accused Zuckerberg of failing to protect the personal information of millions of Americans from Russians intent on upsetting the USA election. Cornyn said apologies are "not enough" and suggested that legislation could eventually be needed to give consumers more control over their own data privacy.

"Second we're working with civil society in Myanmar to identify specific hate figures so we can take down their accounts, rather than specific pieces of content".

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