Destiny 2 Gets Warmind Expansion May 8

Destiny 2 Roadmap includes Warmind DL2 May release date news

Destiny 2's second expansion is called Warmind and launches on May 8th

That said, Bungie did reveal more of its developer roadmap today and revealed some positive changes its making with Warmind and future expansions. Season Three (which is starting on May 8th as well) will introduce seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, the much-requested vault space increase, Heroic Strike modifiers and more. Our goals for these features are to give you more control over how you configure your loadouts in Destiny 2 and give you more reasons to play the game over time.

Bungie has stealthily announced Destiny 2's next expansion, Warmind, in a development roadmap posted on the developer's website.

The developer announced that there will be a livestream on the 24th of April 2018 on where they will show off the new content and give players a closer look at the upcoming expansion.

Bungie provides a few hints as to what they can expect beyond Warmind.

Destiny 2 Roadmap includes Warmind DL2 May release date news

The first Destiny 2 expansion was released a year ago and was met with mixed reviews, many of which called it an empty shell.

The studio vaguely describes Warmind as sending players "to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies" along with the promise of new loot and activities. First, the Warmind crucible maps will be available for matchmaking whether or not you have the DLC. However, Crucible Private Matches will require purchase of expansions for those specific maps. Later in Summer, there'll be a new seasonal event as well as the introduction of Bounties and Clan chat on PC. This, Bungie says, is to bring back that chill you get when you finally get your dream weapon. The item that stands out to me the most is the Gear Collections entry.

The Destiny 2 Update 1.17 Patch Notes are out now, and we've got the lowdown on everything you need to know about this latest version of the game.

How Bungie addresses this with those weapon slot changes, and how those changes impact the speed and fun factor of multiplayer combat, will have a big effect on whether Destiny 2 can reclaim the popularity and longevity of its predecessor.

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