The iconic Gmail web design is getting a complete overhaul

Google is about to launch a Gmail web redesign

Google to launch new Gmail design in the coming weeks

Along with a new look, other likely changes will be access to Google Calendar directly from Gmail and the ability to "snooze" emails, so that they reappear in the inbox again later.

The "new Gmail experience" is referred to as a "new design for the Gmail web interface" in the email received by administrators.

Gmail's current design as viewed on the web. Google did radically redesign Gmail for its separate Inbox app back in 2014, but the company has stuck to the original Gmail design so far for its web version.

Get ready for a few changes to the screen millions of people wake up to: Google is contemplating a new design and new features for Gmail.

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Google has emailed G Suite administrators, notifying them that a "fresh, clean look" is coming to Gmail in a redesign.

The new version will offer support for "snoozing" your emails for a preset period of time, the same way you tell your alarm to shut up for nine minutes each morning.

According to Bhutani, "It was a hybrid of Gmail and Inbox..." Google did confirm to The Verge that a redesign is indeed on the way, but said that it'll be a little while longer before it'll be ready to share more. These replies can be curt, but are useful when you are in a rush and do not have time to type out a longer email. The official Gmail Offline Chrome app already allowed Gmail to work without an internet connection, but starting June 2018, Gmail will natively support the feature.

Lastly, Google advises that many popular Chrome extensions will continue to work on the new Gmail experience, but recommends "testing any critical Chrome extensions before more broadly enabling the new Gmail experience within your organization".

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