WTF is This Friday the 13th Thing?

Fear of Friday 13? You might have this

Fear of Friday 13? You might have this

Friday the 13th is considered by many to be an "unlucky" or "ominous" day. Has anything bad ever happened to you on this day before?

But why do people feel this day is unlucky?

The problem is that the facts simply don't back up this fear - Friday 13th is actually considerably safer than average, reports the Mirror. Christ was crucified on a Friday, and Judas was the thirteenth guest to join the table during the Last Supper.

On Friday the 13th, a number of other untoward and unpleasant events have occurred.

It's the awful day of the year. It is believed that for a month to have a Friday the 13th, it must begin with a Sunday. On Friday the 13th, "we don't do anything too scary today, or double-check that there's enough gas in the vehicle, or whatever it might be". It was written by Thomas W. Lawson, who was intensely superstitious.

The superstitious on Wearside go to great lengths on what's considered an ill-fated - Friday the 13th.

Black cat superstition
Black cat superstition

Some believe that fear of Friday the 13th stem from early Christianity. The popular novel is still getting reprinted.

Research carried out by has established that travel inquiries for Friday the 13th drop by 27%, and airlines have reported fewer bookings for that day.

A street artist in Jason Voorhees get-up. On every Friday the 13th, people are extra careful about their routine. This is believed to have contributed largely in fueling superstitions around Friday the 13th. So much so that many high-rise buildings, hotels, and hospitals skip the 13th floor and many airports do not have gates numbered 13.

Not just this, in history also there have been several unfortunate events which have occurred on Friday, the 13, which has only reinforced the belief about the bad fate attached to this day.

Thomas Fernsler an associate policy scientist in the Mathematics and Science Education Resource Centre at the University of DE says the number 13 suffers because of its position after 12.

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