Apple Stores Are Overwhelmed By Numerous iPhone Battery Replacement Requests

Apple ios 11

The New iOS Update Killed Touch Functionality on iPhone 8s Repaired With Aftermarket Screens

"Additional Apple employees are sometimes sent to high-volume stores, or allotted labor hours per-store are increased, to help with a surge of battery replacements", Apple sources not authorized to speak on behalf of the company told AppleInsider regarding reports that Apple needed help to deal with the volume of battery replacements.

If you're planning on forking out for the iPhone 8, or the new red version due to be released on Friday, 13 April, you may want to prepare to handle it with the utmost caution. Among those were Apple employees, contractors and some partners in Apple's supply chain.

Nearly all the major details of iPhone X were leaked ahead of its highly anticipated launch a year ago. iOS and macOS have also suffered similar leaks.

Also in 2012, Ars spoke with anonymous Apple employees, one of whom suggested that fully protecting against leaks is practically a losing battle.

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Mark Zuckerberg recently testified before the United States Senate in regards to Facebook's role in the recent privacy scandal, and it appears from recently leaked talking points that he meant to drag Apple through the mud during his defense as well. Just before last September's special event, an employee leaked a link to the gold master of iOS 11 to the press, again believing he wouldn't be caught. Others were "feeding confidential details about new products including iPhone X, iPad Pro and AirPods" to 9to5Mac. The iOS 11.3 which was released last month is showing some touchscreen issues on the Apple iPhone 8. He also said the CEOs approached Apple to find a middle ground for the case by inking a licensing deal, but the USA firm has rejected the offer.

"Leakers do not simply lose their jobs at Apple", the memo says. These people not only lose their jobs, they can face extreme difficulty finding employment elsewhere.

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