Body cam footage released of police encounter with YouTube shooter

Milestone Philip is celebrating 60 years in radio this year

Milestone Philip is celebrating 60 years in radio this year

Mountain View police on Friday released camera footage from a body-worn camera that captured the interaction between officers and YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam hours before the attack, when the woman was found sleeping in her auto.

Police did not ask if she had any weapons in her vehicle. When her white Pontiac came up attached to a missing person's report, officers got information from San Diego about Aghdam and then approached the vehicle to question her.

Aghdam was reportedly angry with the YouTube because it had stopped paying her for her videos.

Police requested her if she was taking any therapy or if she was pondering of harming herself or anyone else, to which she replied, "No".

A body cam video of the exchange between Aghdam and the two officers who were on a routine patrol was released by the police on Friday.

Merely hours sooner than capturing three people at YouTube's headquarters in California earlier this month after which taking her private life, Nasim Aghdam instructed cops she had no intention of wounding herself or others.

After police finished questioning her, they notified her father that she had been found and was all right, and did not want contact with him, ABC 7 reported.

The video begins with the officer knocking on the window, waking up Aghdam. who was shoeless and wearing a hoodie.

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Later in the phone conversation, the woman from the San Diego sheriff's department says: "I think it's just because she left her cell phone at home and didn't take any type of banking information with her and just disappeared".

The officer learned the results of the license plate check come back to report that the auto is registered to 38-year-old Nasim Aghdam and that she has been reported missing and "at-risk" out of San Diego County.

In the video released in response to public records requests from media organizations including the Daily Post and Associated Press, Aghdam is seen being awakened by officers.

The officers checked several databases, including a statewide database that would indicate if someone is a registered gun owner but prohibited to possess firearms, police said.

The officer asks if she wants to commit suicide.

He communicated the interaction with the father and when he understood the two hung up.

In releasing the body camera footage, Mountain View police said the department had confirmed that San Bruno authorities no longer needed the video as part of their investigation into the attack. The father suggested that may have been one of the reasons she was in the area. "There was no dispute or anything", the San Diego dispatcher told the Mountain View officer.

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