Chief Cosby accuser says she was too weak to 'fight him off'

Cosby paid accuser $3.38m

Chief Cosby accuser says she was too weak to 'fight him off'

Editor's note: This story contains a graphic description of alleged sexual assault.

Friday morning at Pennsylvania's Montgomery County Courthouse, Andrea Constand, the former Temple University sports director at the center of the commonwealth's felony sexual-assault case against Bill Cosby, took the stand. He put a pillow under her head and said, "Just relax there". "He was a married man, and I had never shown any interest in him whatsoever".

Prosecutors say it was Cosby who betrayed Constand's trust by giving her pills and then assaulting her.

Instead, Constand said, the pills made her black out.

"Were you able to verbalize and tell him to stop?" "They'll help take the edge off.'" Constand asked if she should put them under her tongue, like the herbal remedies they'd discussed. The last two women testified Thursday.

After meeting her at a game at the Liacouras Center, she testified, Cosby had reached out to her at work to talk about facilities for the team.

Frequently, Ziv said, victims go back to perpetrators and even re-enter a relationship in the hope of understanding what happened and minimizing its significance.

Thomas, who was a 24-year-old aspiring actress, said her agent had arranged for Cosby to give her acting tips and that Cosby gave her the wine as they rehearsed a scene in which she was portraying a drunken woman. "I was limp, and I could not fight him off".

One night in January 2004, she testified she had resolved to quit her job at Temple to pursue massage therapy. He says the encounter was consensual.

Constand outlined her scheme to a Temple colleague, Marguerite Jackson, Mesereau said.

"A con artist is what you get, ladies and gentlemen of the jury", he said. Constand stiffed roommates on utility bills, racked up big credit card bills and operated a Ponzi scheme while running women's basketball operations at Temple University, where Cosby was an alumnus and trustee, Mesereau said. The next thing she remembers is coming to, feeling Cosby behind her, and his fingers inside her vagina. "I felt my breasts being touched, and he took my hand and placed my hand on his penis and masturbated himself with my hand".

"Dr. Huxtable wouldn't do this, somebody help me", she recalled thinking while she tried, and failed, to move her body.

During her testimony, Cosby sat hunched over at the end of the defense table.

"Ms Constand, why are you here?" prosecutor Kristen Feden asked.

Baker-Kinney was unflappable under cross-examination, calling out Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau for rolling his eyes at her and chiding the veteran defense attorney for what she said was a bald attempt to twist what she told police about being assaulted.

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Constand's lawyer, Dolores Troiani, called the defence attacks on her client "outrageous" and "baseless".

But one new detail has already emerged in the form of a settlement Cosby paid to Constand in 2006, according to The New York Times: $3.38 million.

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Mesereau's attack on Constand was a striking departure from the more subdued tone that Cosby's previous lawyer took at the first trial, which ended in a hung jury last spring.

Laura Benshoff from member station WHYY is at the courthouse outside Philadelphia, and she joins us now.

Comedian Bill Cosby has arrived for the third day of his sexual assault retrial.

"I thought it was absurd, given that Mr. Cosby was just a little younger than my grandfather", Constand testified. Why are you doing this to me? This is going to be a description of an alleged sexual assault. And they met at a basketball game.

Will Bill Cosby's jury hear him admit to drugging a 19-year-old with quaaludes?

And she was looking for some career advice at the time.

She said the team coach did that, and she simply took the list and made the reservations. And in response, he offered her three blue pills saying, these are your friends. When they awoke, they said, they realized that he had assaulted them.

Constand also gave Cosby's phone number to her mother, she testified. And that he led her to a couch where she passed out. And she was unable to move. All of them testified they wound up unconscious from the pills or alcohol he gave them, unable to say no or resist as he had his way with them.

Prosecutors have lined up five accusers in all to make the case that the TV star, once revered as America's Dad, made a habit of drugging and assaulting women well before he was charged with violating Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

Seeking to portray Lasha as a chronic liar, Cosby's lawyers won permission from a judge to tell jurors about her 2007 guilty plea for filing a false police report in Arizona.

The judge says that Cosby's lawyers can bring it up.

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