China Trade Surplus With US Jumps 19% In First Quarter

China's March trade balance weakens

China Trade Surplus With US Jumps 19% In First Quarter

Chinese officials were reportedly unhappy that the US signed the Taiwan Travel Act in March, which will permit high-level government officials to visit the small island nation.

Tentative figures, derived from immigration and border control records at the Ministry of Justice, show that last month also marked the first time Chinese tourist numbers increased in 13 months.

Concentrations of particulate matter of less than 2.5 microns, known as PM2.5, climbed to 80 micrograms per cubic metre in the region last month, an increase of 27% from a year ago, the ministry said.

"If current trade tensions between the USA and China were to escalate, and given that the a growing supplier of crude to Chinese refiners, it is possible that the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) programme will benefit from renewed impetus", the IEA said.

Speaking from China's sole aircraft carrier Liaoning, Xi said that the navy guarantees the "rejuvenation of the Chinese nation", as a parade of some 76 aircraft flew overhead. "Our attitude is rather clear, we do not want to see the happening of a trade war, but of course we are not afraid of it either".

Those duties would come on top of the $50 billion in products the USA has already targeted in a dispute over Beijing's sharp-elbowed drive to supplant America's technological supremacy.

On the pain part, if not necessarily on the "little" part, most economists agree with the president: The tariffs the United States and China are preparing to slap on each other's goods would take an economic toll.

According to U.S. media reports, President Trump made the move to "punish" the People's Republic of China for what he called the theft of American technology.

Turkey says was informed ahead of air strikes on Syria
The Turkish Foreign Ministry has commented on the operation launched by the US, UK and France against the Syrian regime. Erdogan told May that the only way to long-lasting peace in Syria was a "political solution", the source added.

Washington says China's $375 billion trade surplus with the United States is unacceptable, and has demanded Beijing reduce it by $100 billion immediately.

"We believe that this trade friction is not conducive to China's interests, nor is it conducive to the interests of the USA".

Chinese aluminium shipments dipped in February but had been buoyant since November due to a favourable arbitrage to the London Metal Exchange price, encouraging producers and fabricators to seek better margins overseas. Trump has imposed an additional import tariff on some 1,300 Chinese products worth Dollars 50 billion and directed to look into another round of additional tariffs worth USD 150 billion.

Some analysts had expected a pullback in March exports following an unusually strong start to the year, when firms stepped up shipments before the long Lunar New Year holiday in mid-February.

People are Asking, "Is there more trade pressure coming against?"

Imports of commodities continued to lead the way in March, with shipments of copper, crude oil, iron ore and soybeans all rising from the previous month.

Trump's vow to slap higher tariffs on some Chinese goods in retaliation for unfair trade practices by that country seems to have paid off.

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