Trump's TPP Talk Gets A Tepid Response Abroad

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Trump's TPP Talk Gets A Tepid Response Abroad

And this was what Sen. "To that end, he has asked Ambassador Lighthizer and Director Kudlow to take another look at whether or not a better deal could be negotiated", Walters said.

Indeed, he's steering a zigzagging course while ramping up a protectionist push.

Setting up the trade deal took five years, and patching things up after the U.S.'s exit took one more year. Ben Sasse had told reporters that Trump was reconsidering the withdrawal from the trade agreement, which Obama Administration had negotiated with 11 other Pacific Rim countries to promote free trade by reducing barriers between them.

Trump tweets that he would only rejoin the agreement if it's renegotiated to become substantially better for the U.S.

Some TPP countries responded cautiously to Trump's rethink. This announcement concludes a process started by the President in April 2017 when he first raised the issue of USA pork exports during a meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

So the usual swarm of asterisks applies.

Former Trade Minister Todd McClay said New Zealand should warmly welcome renewed United States interest in the revised TPP - but cautioned striking a deal would be very hard. So we'd have to get those back into the deal when they've been stripped out. "The TPP was a source of leverage against China, but President Trump simply didn't listen to those who were making that case before he pulled the plug".

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The president earlier this week said he would make a decision by Wednesday, but that self-imposed deadline came and went with no USA action or final decision by the commander in chief.

The move comes as Trump and his team zero in on isolating Beijing in their budding trade confrontation. We have agreements with several of them already.

For its part, the Trump administration worries that the partnership will become a zero-tariff backdoor for Chinese goods into the USA market. China's government has denied President Xi Jinping's promises this week to cut import tariffs on cars and open China's markets wider were intended as an overture to settle a tariff dispute with Washington.

China has been in talks on another trade agreement called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which is less far reaching in scope than the TPP.

Each government is gearing up to outflank the other with their trading partners.

And then there's the other trillion-dollar question: "How receptive will the other 11 nations be to welcoming the US back?" And Kudlow in recent days talked up a "trade coalition of the willing" he said the USA would soon name as allies against Chinese trade abuses - prompting observers to note that was among TPP's founding purposes.

In eight years under Barack Obama we had a president that took over the worst economic disaster since 1920, nearly a 100 years ago. One sure does get the sense that Trump's opposition to the TPP would never had been so fierce if the Obama administration hadn't been the one to do the deal.

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