Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Unscathed From Questioning By US Lawmakers And Considerably Richer

Mark Zuckerberg couldn't stop mentioning his Harvard dorm room during Facebook testimony

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Unscathed From Questioning By US Lawmakers And Considerably Richer

What should be clear now is just how easy it has been for bad actors to exploit Facebook and other platforms.

Almost one-third of Americans (31.7%) think the embattled social network is having a "negative impact on society", according to a survey conducted in recent months by CEO Mark Zuckerberg's former personal pollster, Tavis McGinn.

The hearings that ended on Wednesday revealed no consensus among USA lawmakers about what kind of privacy legislation they might want to pursue, if any, and no timeline for action.

Menlo Park, California-based Facebook paid to buy, install and maintain security measures for Zuckerberg's personal residences, which include properties in San Francisco and Palo Alto, the filing showed.

In his testimony before a joint hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr Zuckerberg noted that 2018 was an extremely important year for elections as several nations were going to polls this year. Graham initially had difficulty getting a straight answer. About one in three lawmakers got that response over the two days.

Investors were impressed with his initial performance.

"As CEO you didn't know some key facts", Dingell said.

With questions still swirling about how foreign entities use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread fake news and sow division, and how these networks handle user data, it's curious Congressional Republicans would spend so much time questioning Zuckerberg about two vloggers. Zuckerberg has told lawmakers that Facebook is still investigating what happened in the past with data breaches, and will continue to inform users of their rights and what tools are available to them.

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Details on the data Facebook gave to Russian Federation.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that regulation of social-media companies is "inevitable" and disclosed that his own personal information has been compromised by malicious outsiders.

The Congressional hearings come almost a month after news broke that Cambridge Analytica, a data firm with ties to President Donald Trump's campaign, accessed information from as many as 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge.

The House panel's top Democrat, Representative Frank Pallone of New Jersey, called Wednesday for "comprehensive legislation to prevent incidents like this in the future".

"Every time that a person chooses to share something on Facebook, they're proactively going to the service and choosing that they want to share a photo, write a message to someone".

Multiple legislators also raised the prospect that Facebook's data policies with third-party apps violated a 2011 consent decree with the FTC after a prior privacy complaint. Luján then pressed him on how many data points the company collects on both users and non-users, but Zuckerberg said he doesn't know. According to Carolyn Everson, its vice president of global marketing solutions, not only are there no signs that users are abandoning the platform in any sort of #DeleteFacebook movement, it's not expecting any of the privacy furore to hit the company in the wallet. He refrained from cracking jokes and flashed few smiles.

It added $21.3 billion to Facebook's market value and $3 billion to Zuckerberg's personal net worth, Fortune reported. Facebook stock ended Tuesday up 4.5%, and ticked up another 1.5% in trading Wednesday.

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