Janice Dickinson testifies against Bill Cosby in Andrea Constand retrial

Janice Dickinson

Model Janice Dickinson Tells Jury That Bill Cosby Raped Her

NY: A former model Janice Dickinson, the fourth of five accusers, reportedly told a jury on Thursday that Bill Cosby raped her in 1982 after giving her a pill that left her "motionless".

Dickinson alleged that after Cosby gave her a blue pill, he got on top of her and raped her while she wasn't able to consent.

Janice Dickinson testified against Bill Cosby in court in Philadelphia on Thursday.

She said that's where she started to get cramps, and that's when Cosby produced the pill.

But the thoughts running through her head and the sensations of that night have stayed with her ever since: "America's Dad on top of me", Cosby's cigar-breath and his body odor.

Cosby, who says he's legally blind, stared toward the sound of her voice, his mouth fixed in a stony frown.

Cosby said he would foot the bill for her transportation, Dickinson testified, but first wanted to do it cheaply - drawing a laugh from the courtroom crowd.

"It's all a fabrication there because I wanted the pay cheque", Dickinson said, repeatedly invoking "poetic licence" to feed and educate her children.

In 2003, Dickinson returned to prominence as one of the judges on America's Next Top Model; she later fronted her own reality show, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and appeared on I'm a Celebrity. She'd had sex, she said, with another man in the same month as sleeping with the star of the "Rocky" films. "They said it would never get past Cosby's legal team".

Cosby has denied that the charge of aggravated indecent assault of Constand, stating any sexual contact was consensual. "Today I am on a sworn Bible".

'I couldn't move. I was, I felt like I was rendered motionless.

Dickinson said she wanted the book's sections about her rape to be complete and honest and gave that information to Fenjves but its use was overruled by publisher Judith Regan.

Prosecutors in his retrial were allowed to seek testimony from as many as five other women who claim Cosby also drugged and assaulted them.

She said Cosby offered her a drink at another meeting in Las Vegas, one about acting.

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"There's no way I could have been drugged all the time and be on covers of Vogue all over the country, and walk in the runway shows that I did".

Dickinson has also written several books, including Everything About Me Is Fake.And I'm flawless and No Lifeguard on Duty, and taken up photography.

She declared he gave her. Cosby then took back her back at which Dickinson took pictures of him.

"So, I was on the beach and I was thinking, 'Why is this guy calling me?"' Dickinson said.

"Mr. Cosby called us back the next day", she said, and "admitted" to what he did and apologized to her and her mother.

The women also could help prosecutors insulate the main accuser, Andrea Constand, from the defence's contention that she's a "con artist" who preyed on Cosby " s vulnerability after the 1997 killing of his son, Ennis, and then framed him to score a big payday via a $3.4-million civil settlement.

"He raped me in Tahoe", Dickinson added. It took her a year to tell her mother what happened.

She trusted Cosby as a professional mentor, father figure and respected Temple trustee, she said.

She spoke of being light-headed and slurring her speech while Cosby spoke on the phone. "I can remember feeling anger, disgust, and ashamed".

Constand said she preferred homeopathic and alternative treatments and did not like swallowing any medicine, even over-the-counter remedies. "I wasn't under oath when I wrote that book".

If convicted of any of the charges at his retrial, Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison.


Dickinson may be now the fourth of five accusersNeill to inform their tales to the prosecution at the suburban Philadelphia courtroom. She faced off in a rapid-fire battle of wits with Cosby's flamboyant attorney, Thomas Mesereau, who is known for his near-shoulder-length, dazzlingly white hair.

On cross-examination, Cosby's defense attorneys have worked to point out inconsistencies in their stories.

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