Points to US, UK, and France

A British Tornado fighter-bomber prepares to play its part in the massive attack

A British Tornado fighter-bomber prepares to play its part in the massive attack

US President Donald Trump declared it was "mission accomplished" after the overnight bombing campaign in Syria.

Since the US and its allies attacked Syria Friday in response to alleged chemical weapons attacks on its own people, there has been a significant surge in Russian trolls promoting fake news, the Pentagon announced Saturday.

Paris: French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Saturday that missile strikes carried out overnight in Syria by Britain, France and the USA had destroyed a "large part" of the Damascus government's stocks of chemical weapons.

Facilities still remain operational with the capability to contribute to continued development of chemical weapons, but the United States military insist a "severe blow" has been dealt.

A delegation of experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, based in The Hague, is tasked with investigating an April 7 attack on Douma, just east of Damascus.

In a statement, it said: "Russia severely condemns the attack on Syria where Russian military are helping the lawful government in the fight with terrorism".

Nebenzia accused the U.S., France and Britain of committing illegal "acts of aggression" by attacking without United Nations approval.

"These are not the actions of a man", Trump said in televised remarks announcing the strikes. Trump's language was more brutal: "They are crimes of a monster".

Russia's US embassy released a statement saying "all responsibility" lies with Washington, London and Paris and the military action will "not be left without consequences".

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The Syrian air defences not only missed the incoming missiles but they kept firing even after the last US, British and French strikes were complete.

The US military said the strikes "destroyed" Him Shinshar's chemical weapons storage facility, and damaged the chemical weapons bunker.

Speaking to reporters before the Security Council meeting, Britain's ambassador defended the strikes as an appropriate measure to alleviate humanitarian suffering in Syria.

The US president was adamant that it was time to bring them home after largely defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group.

· Syrian state media said that three people had been injured, though Russian Federation reported no victims.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the country's objectives had been met and that no new strikes were planned at this point but promised to retaliate if the red line on chemical weapons was once again crossed.

Voting on the document was held during a Security Council meeting, initiated by Russian Federation after the US, France and Britain struck Syria last night.

What have France, the USA and the United Kingdom said?

White stood by Trump's assessment of "mission accomplished".

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