Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are showing the way on taking responsibility

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Facebook makes almost all its revenue and profit from advertising and has a market value of $478 billion, the sixth-largest in the S&P 500.

More: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has promised to protect user privacy before. But it's a loss for the rest of us. You also can see how it appears to any of your Facebook friends, allowing you to make sure that any settings you've customized to your satisfaction work the way you wish. This would allow Facebook to recruit new users younger than the current minimum age of 13, even as young as 6.

The most notable development during the two-day testimony was the bipartisan push for greater data regulation, which is atypical given the Republicans' overall aversion towards regulation, but perhaps not surprising in this situation. The first was with Sen.

So you think that you're pretty smart because you never signed up for a Facebook account.

One of the tensest moments of the hearing came on Wednesday, when Frank Pallone, R-N.J., asked Zuckerberg for a yes-or-no answer on data collection - and did not receive the answer he asked for. Facebook brags to advertisers that it can provide "cross device" targeting, as it is called. Anyone who plays a game on Facebook, for instance, will be prompted with a page asking for access to certain profile information before proceeding.

Mr Zuckerberg said he's willing to fix the problems in Facebook, even if that requires a substantial investment, and he acknowledged it is "inevitable that there will need to be some regulation".

Donald Trump on the presidential campaign trail.   Associated Press  Evan Vucci
Donald Trump on the presidential campaign trail. Associated Press Evan Vucci

As the prospect of regulation looms, Facebook is fortunate to have a leader who knows the Capitol corridors so well, said Michael Useem, professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. And could Facebook guarantee that it wasn't tracking paying users on other parts of the internet? It would be hard for an antitrust action against Facebook to gain traction, especially in the U.S. where antitrust laws are created to protect consumers rather than competitors, as Facebook provides more and more services to its users for free. The data analytics firm reportedly harvested data of over 80 million Facebook users, which allegedly was used to help President Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016.

Technically, Facebook's users can turn off targeted advertisements or disable sensitive features such as image recognition in photos.

Zuckerberg repeatedly assured lawmakers that he believed Facebook is in compliance with that 2011 agreement. However, as users of Facebook, we understand our right to privacy. If the user decides to protect that information, it is more of a case-by-case process. And while your friends are concerned about who got to use their profile data without permission, you gloat that your personal information is safe and remains out of the clutches of Facebook.

Maybe people would find this system too cumbersome to be practical.

When pressed on what the impact could be for firms using the social media site, Walcott said he saw no reason for companies to shift from Facebook in light of the scandal. There are going to be a whole bunch of bills introduced to regulate Facebook. "Now that advertisers are realising they can use this information, they are getting more aggressive about how they use it".

"At this point, it's hard to imagine Facebook without Sheryl", Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post last month on her 10-year anniversary with the company. "I mean, has there been a dramatic falloff of the number of people that utilize Facebook because of these concerns?" It's time for Facebook to really change.

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