"Full Metal Jacket" star R. Lee Ermey dies at 74

Actor R. Lee Ermey dies at 74 following pneumonia battle

Actor R. Lee Ermey dies at 74 following pneumonia battle

The stalwart performer has died at the age of 74.

"He will be greatly missed by all of us", Rogin said. "Semper Fi, Gunny. Godspeed".

Ermey served in the Marines, where he was "a staff sergeant who served in Vietnam and Okinawa, Japan, and was later awarded the honorary rank of gunnery sergeant", USA Today reported. He also served as a real-life drill instructor. Ermey had been brought on as a technical consultant for the film, but he had his eyes on the role of the brutal gunnery sergeant and filmed his own audition tape of him yelling out insults while tennis balls flew at him.

"#SemperFidelis Always faithful. Always loyal". But our guys are in good shape, we're ready to go any time. Lyon County History Center Director Greg Jordan had a chance to meet Ermey as part of Camp Tribute activities and the taping of Ermey's TV show Mail Call at the old Historical Society building. Hard working. Disciplined. Focused.

It was Hartman's insatiable put-downs and insults - many of which Ermey ad-libbed himself - that stole the film and saw him revered in the film industry. It's said that Ermey wrote much of his characters extensive speeches, in which he goaded the troops-in particular Vincent D'Onofrio's dimwitted Private "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence.

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Our thoughts and prayers to The family and friends of R. Lee Ermey.

Ronald Lee Ermey was born in Emporia, Kansas, on March 24, 1944. When giving orders to clean the barracks latrine, Ermey's character said: "I want that head so sanitary and squared away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in there and take a dump".

"And I love sunshine, I don't know about you". During his almost 40-year career as an actor, he appeared in 60 films, often in roles related to army and some of great renown such as Texas massacre, Leaving Las Vegas, Seven, Mississippi in flames and death penalty, among or titles. He also voiced the little green army man Sarge in the "Toy Story" films and played a helicopter pilot in "Apocalypse Now", among many other roles.

He was a board member of powerful USA gun lobby group the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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