HBO's John Oliver Says GOP 'Absolutely Blew It' on Corporate Tax Reform

John Oliver revealed he had bought the jockstrap on his TV show Last Week Tonight

John Oliver revealed he had bought the jockstrap on his TV show Last Week Tonight Credit Sothebys Australia Getty

Television host John Oliver would like to give the last remaining Blockbuster video store in Anchorage actor Russell Crowe's jockstrap.

Why we care: Newly crowned rap queen Cardi B recently opined in an Instagram video about paying taxes: "I want to fucking know WHAT YA DOING WITH MY FUCKING MONEY!"

According to People magazine, Crowe sold the items last week in an auction titled "The Art of Divorce" after splitting from Danielle Spencer, his wife of 9 years.

Fast forward several weeks to the date of the auction, where someone reportedly purchased that jockstrap for $7,000.

Watch the full 16-minutes segment below, but the main takeaway is pretty simple: "We just had a huge chance to reform our tax code and we absolutely blew it", Oliver said.

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"Look, there are those who would argue that something had to be done in response to Assad's suspected chemical attack, but there are legitimate debates of whether Trump had the authorization to order these strikes, and whether this risks drawing us into a longer-term conflict for which we have no clear strategy", said the HBO host. Clearly, the budget over at "Last Week Tonight" could use an audit.

In addition to the jockstrap from Cinderella Man, the show also bought a robe and shorts from the same film. The collection also includes a hood from "Robin Hood", a vest from "Les Miserables" and director's chairs for Crowe and Denzel Washington.

Oliver addressed "the manager of the only remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage", saying, "Just call us in the next 48 hours, and we will send it to you".

As of this filing on Monday morning, it is not clear if the store has been in touch with Oliver.

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