Marathon's spectators under fire for taking pics of collapsed runner

Marathon leader hospitalised after heartbreaking collapse

Exhausted Commonwealth Games marathon runner collapses 2km from finish

A marathon runner was rushed to hospital after his dramatic collapse on the last day of the Commonwealth Games, shocking viewers around the world.

Hawkins lay on the road for several minutes before receiving attention and was then taken to hospital.

Hawkins, who had about a two-minute lead over Shelley, first became disoriented in the humid conditions at about the 38-kilometer mark of the 42.2-kilometer race, briefly holding himself up next to a race barrier to try to regain his balance. It took a full two minutes for an official to approach him.

As the brutal conditions took their toll on all the runners, positions changed radically over the closing stages and Scotland gained a Commonwealth marathon medal from an unexpected source with Robbie Simpson clinching bronze.

He was lying in the road amid a long wait for medical attention as Shelley passed him.

BC-COM-Commonwealth Games Roundup, 3rd Ld-Writethru, 780 Leader collapses, Shelley wins Commonwealth Games marathonAP Photo GOL801, XMS101, XMS103, XMAS117, XDA113, XMAS113, XRR108, NY151, XDA107, XMAS218, XDA101Eds: Updates with badminton, basketball gold. We are pleased to report he is sitting up and speaking with his dad and Team Scotland medical staff. I think now is the time.

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"I learned a lot from Callum and it got me going at halfway when they said Callum was in the lead". On the home straight, as you can see, I tried to accelerate but I was gone as well.

Eventually, Hawkins just couldn't go any further, collapsing in front of shocked spectators on the Sundale Bridge, 40km into the marathon and unable to go any further. The marshalls are there, they've got radios. "I got the sponges every two kilometres, made sure I got my drinks and tried to push on the best I could".

There are also strict rules around accepting medical help with athletes facing potential disqualification if they are assisted. You can not just wait at the finish line. "The response of medical staff this morning was within agreed response guidelines and timeframes", said the statement. When you get exhausted you can't slow down, you have to fight all the way to the end.

In the statement Peters said he "was concerned about the behaviour of a small number of bystanders who chose to take images". "This is not in keeping with the spirit of Gold Coast 2018".

The 37-year-old's worldwide career came to a close with a time of 1:30:26 to win by over a minute ahead of John Smith and Simon Lawson, who claimed two medals for England. But at the same time I wasn't feeling that great myself and thinking I need to get to the line before the same thing happens to me and hold on to a medal. Seven of the 24 starters did not complete the race, with Tanzania's Stephano Huche Gwandu put in a wheelchair after falling as he crossed the line.

"Sometimes medical people arrive and athletes have to make a decision whether they want to go on or not and I understand that was part of the discussion".

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