Not to alarm you, but authorities have found poo in counterfeit makeup

The scene of a crash in South L.A.'s Vermont Vista district that left a 52-year-old man dead

The scene of a crash in South L.A.’s Vermont Vista district that left a 52-year-old man dead

Police seized hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of products which were cheap imitations of popular brands such as Urban Decay and Kylie Cosmetics.

The LAPD was tipped off by the brand-name companies, which received complaints from consumers who said they had rashes and bumps after using their products.

Officials found bacteria and animal waste in $700,000 worth of counterfeit cosmetics seized during an LAPD bust at the Fashion District, police said.

He tweeted a picture of the counterfeit goods saying: "The best price is not always the best deal!" Los Angeles Police Capt. Marc Reina wrote on his Twitter account next to images of police looking at vendors in The Santee Alley. The packaging can look convincingly real, but don't be fooled by the makeup's extremely low price tag.

"They came back positive with a high level of bacterias and animal feces", Detective Rick Ishitani told local ABC affiliate.

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The six individuals arrested in rsquo & Thursday;s raid is going to be billed with trademark violations of major brands, " based to KTLA. No matter how desperate you want the latest trendy beauty product, but can't afford it or it's sold out you should never buy counterfeit makeup.

"If you're getting something that's 50 percent off, 75 percent off - it tells you that it's bad", Ishitani told KABC.

Counterfeit makeup is super unsafe because you don't know what ingredients are in the products and they aren't held to any regulations.

There have been reports that some fake lip kits also have glue in them.

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