Dutch Gaming Authority Declares Loot Boxes As Gambling

Some Loot Box Mechanics Are Gambling According to The Netherlands

Four out of Ten Loot Boxes Violate Dutch Gambling Law, Local Regulator Finds

The study, titled Daily Fantasy Sports & In-game Gambling; Skins and Loot Boxes 2018-2022, claims that skin betting "should be of great concern to regulators" as now the wagering of skins on third-party websites is creating an "unregulated gambling market". (PDF) notes that an in-game loot box violates the country's laws if "the content of these loot boxes is determined by chance and. the prizes to be won can be traded outside of the game: the prizes have a market value".

The Netherlands ruling will certainly cause a reexamination of Loot Boxes from many bodies, but until any official ruling comes in - especially from countries like America and China, the two largest buyers of Loot Boxes - game companies will nearly certainly continue to utilize them. Trading items provided the player with earning money should a rare item drop from the loot box.

The governing body said the four games in question featured "elements in them that can also be found in the gambling world". The other six did fall within gambling laws, but were still criticized in how they were implemented. According to Marja Appelman, the director of the Gaming Authority, "This is the subject that gambling authorities across Europe are talking about". Moreover, the analyses that are now available indicate that all of the loot boxes that were studied could be addictive. "Offering these types of games of chance to Dutch consumers without a license is prohibited".

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The core issue seems to be that once you assign a monetary value to something found inside of a loot box and make it tradable, then in the Netherlands, that would be enough to deem it gambling.

It likened the loot boxes to the use of a slot machines or roulette. Though they don't name the 10 games they've inspected, but Dutch broadcaster NOS outs Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, DOTA 2, PUBG and Rocket League. Still, it identifies a "moderate to high" addiction risk potential for the ten games it studied, based on a ten-dimension quantitative test previously used for casino games.

Today Netherland has made a decision and declared it as gambling after trying some popular games mostly from Twitch.

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