New behind-the-scenes video looks at Kratos' dramatic journey to God of War

God of War for PS4 pre-load date revealed

New behind-the-scenes video looks at Kratos' dramatic journey to God of War

Luckily there's an easy fix so you can ensure the game fits snugly on your screen by scaling it correctly. Just one more day until one of the biggest releases in the PlayStation 4's life releases, God of War.

All you need is a Spotify account to access the soundtrack from the Spotify website.

Welcome to our God of War walkthrough video series. What we don't know is how his mother died and why exactly it's so necessary for Kratos and Atreus to make the risky journey up the Norse mountain in order to spread the ashes of the boy's mother in that particular place. Joined by his young son, Atreus, Kratos sets out to spread the ashes of Atreus' recently deceased mother, only for the world to strike out against him, and for Kratos to strike back.

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This version of the title has been made available now and is supposed to be the one accompanying the final launch of the PlayStation 4 exclusive action adventure by Santa Monica Studio. We are sure by now that most of you already know the information we are about to post, but for those who haven't been paying attention, here is a bunch of links to all that great God of War information. I do wonder if the track here is paying homage to the classic ashes or the ashes of Atreus' mother? As such, you have the opportunity to customise Kratos in the way you see fit by altering his armour and attaching enchantments to them which offer various perks and ability boosts.

Modern beats and tempos are laced throughout for the combat sequences, which should keep most gamers engrossed.

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