Haley fires back at Kudlow over Russian Federation: 'I don't get confused'

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Nikki Haley warns US chemical weapons attack 'could easily happen' here

Hitting the Sunday talk show circuit, the United Nations Ambassador spoke about new sanctions that were supposedly set to be announced the following day by the White House.

Kudlow said of Haley on Tuesday: "She's doing a great job, she's a very effective ambassador".

"I think the only thing you're seeing is, instead of us funding and supporting abortions, what we've tried to do is fund and support clean facilities where mothers give birth", she said, adding that, though there may be disagreement on abortion, "we should never disagree on the fact that we want the strongest, healthiest, most educated women we can have out there".

Oh boy. After Larry Kudlow said there was "some momentary confusion" regarding Nikki Haley's sanctions announcement, she responds, "With all due respect, I don't get confused". Haley, he said, "got ahead of the curve". Another more charitably said there had been confusion.

After Haley's comments, some in the administration suggested the sanctions now being considered could be rolled out Monday.

On Sunday, Haley told CBS News in an interview that the U.S.is planning to a series of new sanctions against Russian Federation, following the country's continued support for the Assad regime in Syria, despite the Syrian military's repeated use of chemical weapons on civilians.

However, the White House walked back her comments, and said no final decision had been made. Trump told reporters on the same day of the phone call that he meant to meet Putin "in the not too distant future". But to his credit, while Kudlow probably knows who changed the policy, it's entirely possible that neither he nor anyone else at the White House knows who was supposed to tell Haley about it.

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Is there a "deeper strain" between Trump and Haley, as the Times suggests, because she is the administration's most hawkish voice on Russian Federation and he keeps trying to cultivate good relations with Vladimir Putin? The official said the call was made to the Russian Embassy on Sunday.

A National Security Council memorandum sent overnight Friday said the new sanctions would be announced soon, but it did not specify a date. The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Trump is unhappy with Haley and she may be in line to take a Tillerson-like fall. She regularly checks in with Trump personally to go over her planned statements before she sits for television interviews.

That Haley would prop up the policies of a man whose demagoguery she once openly condemned underlines her untrustworthiness.

The third senior administration official tells CNN that it isn't exactly clear why Trump was opposed to another round of sanctions.

"When the politicians try to goad, if you excuse my blunt words, the leaders of their countries, insisting on more and more confrontation, including outright confrontation, they are not acting responsibly".

What children. I, for one, hope she is looking to run for president in the near future.

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