White House Still Weighing New Sanctions Against Russia

Syrians wave the national flag and portraits of President Bashar al Assad in Damascus on Saturday

Syrians wave the national flag and portraits of President Bashar al Assad in Damascus on Saturday

Inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) arrived in the Syrian capital 11 days ago, and the United States and the UK have both blamed Russian Federation for impeding the investigation.

British Ambassador Peter Wilson said citing OPCW Director General Ahmet Uzumcu that Russian Federation and Syria had failed to provide access to Douma for the OPCW experts being unable to give security guarantees.

The proposed sanctions follow USA -led airstrikes against Syria's chemical weapons capability and President Trump's promise that Assad and his allies, namely Moscow, would pay a "big price" for enabling the use of chemical weapons.

Syrians walk through destruction in the town of Douma, the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack, near Damascus, Syria, Monday, April 16, 2018.

The Prime minister faced MPs for the first time yesterday following the UK's decision to join the USA and France in launching airstrikes against Syria after Bashar al-Assad's Government was alleged to have carried out the chemical weapon attack which killed 70 people.

"Saturday's strikes by the US, Britain and France were in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack by the Syrian military in eastern Ghouta".

"I reaffirm my full support for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons - the OPCW - and its Fact-Finding Mission in undertaking the required investigation", Guterres said.

Theresa May is preparing to face questions from MPs about her decision to launch air strikes against military targets in Syria alongside the U.S. and France.

He said: "We are losing the last bit of trust we have in our western partners". "Russia and Syria must co-operate".

The sanctions come despite both Assad and Russia denying any involvement in the attack, and follow sanctions last month that targeted oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Washington Post reported.

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The RAF joined in on the US-led coalition strike on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

"The team has not yet deployed to Douma", two days after arriving in Syria, Uzumcu told an executive council of the OPCW in The Hague.

The United States and its allies have said the aim of the strikes was to prevent the further use of chemical weapons, not to turn the tide of the war in Syria or topple Assad.

"It was done on targets that we believed were selected to hurt the chemical weapons program".

However, they made no comment on supporting new sanctions against Russian Federation, instead reaffirming that the use of chemical weapons constituted a breach of global law and warning that, "there can be no impunity and those responsible for such acts must be held accountable". The White House is officially calling Haley's statement on sanctions a mistake, however although others said it was unusual that Haley would make such a mistake given that how "disciplined" she is in ensuring that her statements are in line with Trump's thinking.

The Western leaders faced scrutiny at home over their actions, with Britain's May facing questions over why she did not seek parliamentary approval for the action.

"The United States estimates that Assad has used chemical weapons in the Syrian war at least 50 times".

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Monday will respond to their criticism in a debate in parliament on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to the BBC, the Russian foreign minister denied chemical weapons had been used in Douma.

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