Mitt Romney Fails to Bypass Utah Primary for US Senate

Delegates gather at a 2017 Republican Convention

Delegates gather at a 2017 Republican Convention Credit Julia Ritchey KUER

Mitt Romney is headed into a primary election after failing to win Utah's GOP Senate nomination.

Romney and Kennedy will now face each other in a primary election, because neither Romney (49.12%) nor Kennedy (50.88%) reached the 60% threshold necessary to secure the party's nomination automatically.

Romney said he had expected the race to go to a primary, and said that his relationships and reputation would allow him to hit the ground running in the U.S. Senate.

The US Senate candidate, who is vying to replace retiring Sen.

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee and former MA governor is considered the favorite to succeed retiring Sen.

At the same time, Romney said Comey probably felt the need to respond after his rough treatment by the White House. Romney moved to Utah in 2012 after losing the presidential election to Barack Obama. "We're all for the same policies, but who can actually get the job done?"

Things to Know About the Comey Memos
Comey said the dossier's allegations had not been verified by the time he left the Federal Bureau of Investigation . Comey insisted that McCabe didn't hold a grudge over the criticism and that McCabe was "an honorable person".

In votes against party delegates, Romney ended 2nd at their country & rsquo; s Republican Party convention in West Valley City, behind country lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

In feedback after the vote, Romney stored an upbeat tone. "That is terrific for the individuals of Utah". A lot of them have been political newcomers who questioned Romney's criticism of President Donald Trump and the depth of his ties to Utah. Conservatives have opposed the signature process since it diminishes the sway of the convention.

A dozen candidates faced off at the convention, and after two rounds of voting Kennedy and Romney were the only two left.

Trump fired back that Romney "choked like your pet dog" during their own WhiteHouse operate.

Romney said in February that he generally approves of Trump's agenda, but would call out the president if needed. But the 2 men have shown fresh indications of burying the hatchet, also Trump's approval has been accepted by Romney.

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