Saudi police: Riyadh's shooting targeted toy drone

Saudi govt cancels license of fitness centre in Riyadh after 'disrespecting video' showing woman exercising with bare head goes viral

Saudi Arabia fitness centre shut over video showing woman working out with uncovered hair

The Saudi sports authorities have closed down a female fitness centre in the capital city of Kingdom-Riyadh on Friday over an argumentative promotional video that showed a woman in a figure-revealing workout attire.

Gunfire was heard near Saudi Arabia's royal palace Saturday with conflicting reports after a drone reportedly neared the site.

A spokesman for the Riyadh police said forces at a checkpoint in the Khozama district identified the drone and "dealt with it according to their orders", state news said without specifying if there were any injuries or damage.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement that a system would be put in place to regulate the use of recreational drones.

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Other reports claimed a lieutenant general of the Royal Saudi Land Forces was leading the military push to oust King Salman.

Most of the detainees have been released after reaching settlements with the government.

Security around the palaces appears to have tightened in recent months as powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman oversees landmark social and economic reforms to prepare for a post-oil era, despite the risk of riling religious hardliners.

Iran-aligned Houthi fighters there have occasionally dispatched drones across Saudi Arabia's southern border, but there was no apparent connection between that conflict and Saturday's incident in Riyadh.

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