Amazon debuts blockchain network solution

Setting up parameters

Setting up parameters

Thanks to these templates you will be able to concentrate your attention only on creating your blockchain-based applications and not to waste your time and forces for setting up your blockchain network manually.

It will take you just some minutes to deploy a blockchain network on Amazon ECS or Amazon EC2 instances. It is a sort of service that will facilitate the unveiling of top-line blockchain networks for the Hyperledger and ethereum Fabric protocols. AWS is a fast-growing segment of Amazon's business, which saw sales increase 55 percent in 2016 and 43 percent in 2017.

Blockchain Templates is offered as an additional service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is powered by a range of open-source frameworks.

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology that makes it possible to build applications where multiple parties can record transactions with a trusted central authority to ensure those transactions are verified and secure.

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"Some see blockchains as the foundation of a new monetary system and a way to facilitate worldwide payments, others see blockchains as a distributed ledger and immutable data source that can be applied to logistics, supply chain, land registration, crowdfunding and other use cases", stated Barr. You should consider using Hyperledger Fabric if you want to create a private blockchain network or want to limit the transactions that each party can see. "Either way, it is clear that there are a lot of intriguing possibilities and we are working to help our customers use this technology more effectively." .

Another new competitor in the BaaS market is Huawei, which announced its Blockchain Service, also built on Hyperledger, last week during its analyst conference in Shenzhen.

Created by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Fabric is another widely-used blockchain framework. Ethereum is a good option for those who prefer to transact with peers on the public Ethereum network, or want to utilize Ethereum's Solidity smart contract language. Users only need to pay for the resources that they need to power their blockchain networks, and the templates are available in any region, said the company. Both options create and make use of a DynamoDB table for service discovery, along with Application Load Balancers for the status pages.

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