Google takes charge of Gmail spam, no account has been compromised

PSA: New Gmail spam makes it appear that your account is sending email to itself [Update]

Gmail accounts appear to send out spam, and their owners are baffled

This naturally made such users fear that they're accounts have been compromised and are now being used to send spam to others. What's more, upon checking their Sent folders, it would appear that Spam was indeed sent from their accounts. Since the messages are coming from the same account, they appear in the sent folder of Gmail.

The spam messages consisted of "ads for weight loss and growth supplements for men" and "ads for personal loans up to $35,000". "Please help, what else can I do to ensure my account isn't compromised??" Google also said in the statement that it is actively taking measures to protect users against it.

Everyone hates spam emails, but Gmail users are now having to deal with getting these types of messages, apparently from themselves.

Users are reporting these messages being sent to themselves, but also to strangers purportedly from their own email addresses. All of the offending emails have been classified as spam and should not be appearing anymore on users' sent accounts. At least one user complained that spam mails continued to go out from his account even after changing the password after the first such instance.

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Our sister site ZDNet interviewed security researchers past year who warned Google that there were ways to get around their spam filters. Users who have two-factor authentication enabled reported the same issue. Yet with growing awareness of security and privacy issues, the possibility that someone hacked into a Gmail account was enough to worry the affected users. With users panicking and assuming their accounts have been compromised, there has been no explanation whatsoever of why the emails are being generated.

According to forum reports, users who reset their passwords are still getting these fraudulent emails afterwards. "More information on how to report spam can be found by visiting our Help Center", reads a statement from Google. It's not clear if the latest spamming issue is a result of some sort of backfire from one of the testing features, but it is highly unlikely as Google performs beta testing internally before publicly rolling it out. I have reported them as spam.

Responding to this, Telus informed that those messages were not sent from their servers and the ongoing issue has been solved now by vendors.

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