Jessica Lall murder case: Sister Sabrina Lall pardons murderer Manu Sharma

Jessica Lal was shot dead on the night

Jessica Lal was shot dead on the night

Sabrina Lal on Monday said she had forgiven her sister Jessica Lal's killer Manu Sharma and wouldn't object to his release from Tihar jail, where he has been serving his life term since 2006.

She said so because she was informed that Manu has completely reform in jail as he is doing good work for charity and helping other inmates in jail. Later, the Supreme Court upheld the high court's verdict. Manu Sharma has spent over 15 years in jail. "I said I did not need the money and I had no objection to his release", she said.

Sabrina Lal has also refused financial assistance from the victim's welfare fund saying that the welfare fund should be given to someone "more in need".

Several media reports have suggested that Sharma may seek an early release from the prison.

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Sharma, who is the son former Indian National Congress minister Venod Sharma, has been living in an open jail and could leave for work in the morning and return to his headquarters in jail in the evening.

His acquittal by a trial court sparked outrage and protests across the country until the case was readmitted in 2006 in the Delhi High Court which held him guilty of murder. For the past six months, Sharma has been moved to an "open jail" considering his good conduct. He has extended help to the children of prisoners by providing for education fees and funds for uniform, books and stationery.

Talking about Jessica, she had been bartending on 29 April 1999 at a Delhi restaurant, Tamarind Court. "However, I am more concerned about the jail's claim that Manu Sharma has reformed", she said. Sharma's work in jail includes "Computerization of the jail factory accounts and implementation of the management information system (MIS) done by him", "expanding" and implementing ISO certification for Tihar Jail's bakery and factory and taking the turnover of the factory from Rs 1.35 crore in 2006 to Rs 32 crore in 2013, and garden work in open prison.

Sharma has really spent around 15 years in prison.

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