Finland stops the experiment for payment of the guaranteed basic income

2,000 people across Finland have been randomly selected for the UBI experiment

A trial run is to end that saw jobless people receive a fixed monthly payment from the state whether they found work or not

Without employed people in the project, researchers can not study whether basic income would allow people to make new career moves, or enter training or education. Their argument is that it will provide a guaranteed rescue network.

Advocates of universal basic income (UBI) programs, which have become more popular in recent years, argue that guaranteeing a baseline pay for adult citizens can help alleviate social issues like crime, poverty and chronic unemployment.

However, the government has announced it will not extend the scheme and will instead examine other alternatives to reform Finland's bloated and complex social security system.

The government has decided not to expand the programme, but the trial is still under way, according to Kela.

The government has turned down a request for extra funding from Kela, the Finnish social security agency, to expand the two-year pilot to a group of employees this year, and said payments to current participants will end next January.

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"It's up to the new government to decide whether to experiment further with basic income", Simanainen said, adding that several government and opposition parties support the basic income trial.

Yet basic income has also met fierce opposition from some politicians who argue it will dramatically increase the welfare budget and lead to a culture of laziness.

It said the data it manages to collect and analyse would be released by the end of 2019 or the start of 2020.

In February, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced that a universal credit system such as that introduced in the United Kingdom would work better than Finland's unconditional basic income.

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