Gujrat: Case against family members lodged over killing girl for honor

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Police official Intisar Hussain says the two men were arrested early on Tuesday and charged with the killing of Sana Cheema in the city of Gujrat in Punjab province.

On Wednesday, Irfan Ullah, a senior police officer in Gujarat, told reporters at the scene that police had acted following the social media posts but Cheema's family had not even notified authorities so officers had to trace her identity first and whether there was even a death.

According to details, 26-year-old Pakistan-born Sana expressed her wish to marry overseas that enraged her relatives who killed her and declared the death as accident. The father then took on board his son, Adnan Mustafa, and brother, Mazhar Iqbal, and hatched a plan to kill her.

Cheemas family declared her death "accidental" and buried her in a graveyard far from their residence, raising suspicion.

Because of the rejection Sana Cheema refused to eat, fell ill and died, relatives told police. He said there were no apparent injury marks on her body.

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According to reports, Cheema had been living in Italy since 2002 and was to return to Italy on April 19 but she was killed a day prior to her return.

Members of the Pakistani community in Brescia, Italy, rallied this weekend there, demanding the truth about her death. Italian media reported she was in love with a man from Brescia who like her was a second-generation immigrant with Italian citizenship. According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), at least 376 such cases were registered in 2017. Sana arrived in the country three months ago.

The Italian foreign ministry said it is keeping an eye on the case.

Scores of women in Pakistan are still being murdered by relatives for bringing shame on their family, more than a year since new laws came into force aimed at stemming the flow of "honour killings".

Even though murder is an unacceptable crime honor killings are still prevailing in Pakistan and its neighborhood India, according to a report almost 500 honor killings have been recorded in Pakistan in 2017 alone.

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