Microsoft May Plan a Return to Phones With New Windows 10 Lean

Windows 10 Is Getting Dark Themed File Explorer And New Stripped Down Edition

Windows 10 Lean Redstone 5 Ditches Superfluous Features For Better Performance

The option is available in an early version of Windows 10, Build 17134. Due to this trimming, the x64 install of Windows 10 Lean is about 2GB smaller than Windows 10 Pro.

Leaks reveal that Microsoft is considering a stripped-down version of Windows 10 without unnecessary features. What is also interesting is that the "regular Cloud/S restrictions don't seem to apply", meaning that Windows 10 Lean is different than Windows 10 S, the latter of which Microsoft introduced for the education market. A Twitter user named Lucan posted a handful of images showing the Windows 10 Lean SKU.

Other users seemed especially curious if the Bluetooth speakerphone functionality is back as well because "The whole Bluetooth experience with phones was borked after they killed most of the stack in windows 10?".

Users of the Yammer app for Windows Phone do have another alternative: They can switch to using Yammer in a mobile browser.

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WIndows 10 Lean could make a great OS for any systems that see a lot of user contact: Loaner machines, kiosks, sales floor demos, and other specific roles would be a great fit for Lean.

Given the limits of WIndows 10 Lean it's likely that it's created to save space, be a quick install, and be customized as an image prior to being installed.

It is not immediately clear what Microsoft plans to do with this particular release of Windows 10. The platform still has some die-hard fans that would love to see Microsoft launch a top-tier phone.

The long drawn out death of Windows Phones continues as Microsoft announced that it is dropping support for apps for Teams, Skype for business and Yammer in May. And therein lies the problem. Some of these devices reviewed quite well, with reviewers noting that they offered much snappier performance on lower-end hardware than what you'd expect from the same SoC's running Android. Whatever Microsoft is building, we'd be surprised if it was just a conventional phone.

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