Trump Increasingly Using Cell Phone To Bypass Kelly's Authority

Trump ramps up personal cell phone use

Trump Is Reportedly Using His Personal Cellphone More And More

When John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, came on board, many believed he would impose order and discipline on the president's information flow.

"The president is increasingly relying on using his personal cell phone to communicate with outside advisers, according to sources", Brown said Monday afternoon.

"[It's a] recent development ..."

At least three officials also said Trump is now directly reaching out to the Republican lawmakers at a renewed pace.

"Kelly used to be more clearly the gatekeeper than he is now from a Hill standpoint", the source said. "I don't know that [Trump] even is running it by the chief of staff anymore".

Ironically, the attractive gold-lined china set, commissioned as part of a 200th-anniversary celebration of the White House, was approved by President Trump's 2016 presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, back in 2000.

Students mistaken for rival cartel were dissolved in acid
More than 33,000 people are now missing in Mexico and organized crime is expected to be a major issue in the current presidential campaign.

The elder Murdoch is known to be close to Trump and his Fox News Channel has become regular viewing in the White House. This system has reportedly benefitted former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who Kelly tried to cut off from Trump earlier in the administration.

Holding hands out on the White House steps, the President and Melania Trump greeted the Macrons as they arrived for the dinner. It is the second consecutive year that Trump will hold an event outside the nation's capital instead of attending the annual dinner.

The White House did not immediately return an email seeking comment. "There used to be a level of babysitting, and it wasn't organized". "Use of personal smartphones, which may not have all of the security features of government-issued smartphones or be regularly updated to address newly discovered vulnerabilities, present an obvious potential security risk".

Not much concrete detail has been released about the phone Trump is now using, or what security measures may be employed when he uses it.

Back in January, security concerns prompted Kelly to ban the use of personal cell phones for West Wing staffers, over objections by some that they'd be cut off from children and other family members during the busy workday. "Of course, calls are only secure if both parties use a secure device". Previous reports found that Trump had been using an unsecured phone while in office.

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