Dog bites woman during argument on NYC subway

Argument on New York subway leads to woman being attacked by pit bull

NYPD Looking for Dog Owner Whose Pitbull Bit Female Commuter's Leg

It was a chaotic scene aboard a New York City subway train after a dog locked its jaws onto a rider's foot in a video that surfaced on Instagram Monday. In the footage, a pit bull could be seen attacking a female passenger after she and the pet owner started fighting.

Get breaking news alerts and special reports. An incident involving a dog attack on a 4 train on April 20 is being investigated by the MTA and NYPD.

But the woman, who had already been sitting in an a nearby seat, didn't appreciate having the pit bull so close to her, Kyng said.

Another passenger, Denise Leon, said the woman pushed the dog twice as the man refused to move the pet, prompting a fight between the two people with the pit bull between them.

Seconds later, King's recording shows the man punching the woman several times in the face, while the pitbull took a bite of her shoe.

"He was like don't touch my dog and he started hitting, they started fighting and everybody tried to break it up, the dog latched onto her", TahSyi said. "She seen it coming because she hit him back". Now authorities are looking for the dog's owner.

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Finally the woman's sneaker came off and the owner threw it at her.

Kyng said that the altercation started when the pit bull's owner put the dog up on the subway seats and instructed it to lie down.

Kyng said the conductor made everyone get off the train at the next stop. Kyng said he was not able to ask the woman if she was okay, but said she was walking and did not appear to be bleeding.

"Call the police!" one person suggests as multiple passengers try to remove the dog.

The dog's owner broke subway rules that say all dogs must be contained within carrying cases. An MTA spokesperson told WPIX that video of the attack was "disturbing and a clear violation of our rules".

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