G7 innovative LG ThinQ successfully tested in Geekbench

LG G7 ThinQ Super Bright Display cranks up the pixels, controls

LG confirms G7 ThinQ display features, including 6.1-inch size and 1000 nit brightness

Brightness, however, is only one aspect of a great display, with another being how colors are reproduced.

The smartphone will be introduced in NY on May 2, followed by another launch event in Seoul the following day. LG says the "new second screen" on the smartphone can be used as a status bar or as a single screen combined with the main screen.

In a new blog post, LG Korea has revealed that the G7 ThinQ will feature a large 6.1-inch "Super Bright" display with Quad HD+ resolution.

Like the iPhone X, the LG G7 ThinQ will have a notch area on the upper display, which is consistent with the earlier rumors. It also boasts of 1,000 nits of brightness, making it usable under any lighting condition. A poor display means a poor user ...

Concerning battery consumption, LG said the upcoming smartphone will consume 30 per cent less power compared with the previous G6, hinting that users will be able to enjoy a "Super Bright Display" without being concerned about battery shortage. It also features a "Brightness Boost" mode which allows for comfortable viewing in direct sunlight.

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There's also the ability to fine-tune colours with a scroll wheel for each RGB setting, applying a camera interface setting to the display. This is the Snapdragon 845 processor, in addition the device runs on Android 8.0.

It can be argued that the display on your smartphone is its most important feature, as it is the principle way in which you interact with your device.

The G series smartphones from LG usually launch at the CES or the MWC but this year, the launch of LG G7 was postponed for some reasons, and in case you aren't aware, the phone is launching officially on May 3 as LG G7 ThinQ. Previously the company has launched an Active version of Galaxy S8 as well.

A device dubbed as LGE LM-G710 has surfaced on GeekBench today, with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 and approximately 4GB RAM. These are less than what the Galaxy S9 achieves with similar hardware.

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