A Look at domestic violence and mental illness

Mental health

Mental health

Teachers have been going to professional development series throughout the year that are planned by Caparas on topics like resiliency, trauma and the overall topic of mental illness.

I'm Eric Chase with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of greater Toledo.

She continued on to encourage others who also struggle with mental health issues and said, "But I had this notion when I was younger that if something didn't work once, or if a therapist didn't work, or if a medication didn't work, that nothing would ever work", she adds.

"As violence threatens communities across the nation, schools present an important opportunity for recognizing early signs of mental health problems in children and teens", school district officials said in a statement. Unfortunately, due to how mentally ill individuals are characterized in the media, including the news, television, social media and the movies, mentally ill people are feared or stereotyped as irrational, aggressive and violent, when in fact, they are more likely to be isolated, passive and withdrawn.

BOB fm is preparing to join forces with 300 other commercial and BBC radio stations to tackle the stigma of mental health. "For me, some of those answers I had to wait years to find and I needed to get different help, which ended up being really the right kind of help".

Family owned builders merchants, Chandlers Building Supplies, is putting its weight behind the Construction Industry Helpline for Mental Health Awareness month.

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In a joint statement released by Macron's office, French, German and British leaders regretted the United States decision. Some other American allies, however, voiced their support for the decision, particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Trudeau says if there is one thing people walk away with from her presentation, it's to "start the conversation".

Roger Cutsforth, Chief Executive at The Radio Academy, said: "We have a responsibility to recognise the unique place we in radio occupy in people's lives".

Emily, who was diagnosed with bipolar two and a half years ago, said: "I am doing this for two reasons - I have received lots of support in the last five years and I want to give something back".

Trudeau has written four books, with the most recent "Changing My Mind" made available to guests at the Bruce Power event.

Aggregate Industries are calling on construction companies to focus on mental health in the workplace after seeing the success their own programme has had on the company's workforce.

Brandi Christiansen, director of Mental Health America of Howard County, said she hopes the month serves to raise awareness by fighting stigma, providing support, education, and advocacy for mental health.

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