Mother's Day history : When and Why it was started

This year Ukraine celebrates Mother's Day on May 13

How Congress can help mothers every day

Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the world on the second Sunday of May.

Adnan Khan: I'm really very much thankful to my mom to make me actually courageous and made me a person who never gives up to anything. Um, no. Mostly we just pile on the guilt. It nearly always brings a tear to my eye when my wife says that to our daughter.

"We love our moms, there's no denying that, but it appears many of us are ill prepared to fully embrace and celebrate the day", says Gabriela Ghisi, local mom and spokeswoman for Rabba's inaugural Mother's Day survey. If you work away from home and you have your own vehicle, make a trip to your mom.

Long before her death, Jarvis' mom Ann Reeves Jarvis hoped someone would dedicate a day to honor mothers. That's billion with a big "B". I can say something about my mom that not many people can say in Lee County.

I've been in the fortunate position to offer significant assistance to my hardworking mom in the completion of our family home in Itsoseng; where I grew up for the first four years of my life - and the place she now proudly calls home.

There's nothing wrong with jewelry, or a classic meal at her favorite restaurant, but what does Mom really want for Mother's Day? In the picture, Varun and his mom are colour-coordinated and smile for the cameras.

According to Moneris (one of Canada's leading processors of debt and credit card payments) jewelry shops, bakeries and spas see the largest week-over-week spending increases in honour of Mom.

My brothers and I lost Mom about a month ago. But don't forget to take the time to really talk with her and spend time with her, and show her your appreciation is from the heart and genuine. "It's what we do with the rest of it that is our story", she said.

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Smith: The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is when I was a teenager, I was on the verge of perhaps doing something that wasn't in my or society's best interest, she was my enforcer as well. It's a attractive place for us to come together as a family - and my mom always looks forward to us visiting.

Mahika Sharma: Mother, I feel that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries. Mom did it so well, in fact, that we used her methods to teach the same things to our kids.

You would be turning 93 in July, if not for the Alzheimer's that stole you away one tiny piece at a time.

Her daughter sought to honor her mother's lifelong activism by urging national leaders to create a day memorializing mothers. Mom was unaware of the day, or the season, or the year.

But for those who totally forgot what today is, be prepared to deal with the consequences: According to a recent survey, nearly half (47%) of Canadians agree that Mom would be upset if she didn't receive a gift. She has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I was about 13 and had a newspaper route with houses, apartments and a trailer park where I would throw papers. So in a way every day is Mother's Day for me.

You can even have fun with this, and send her on a scavenger hunt to find her own gift.

In reality, it didn't matter if I missed the exact day. Let us ponder these words of Pope Saint John Paul II: "From Mary we learn to surrender to God's will in all things". The trailer park, with 70 customers, was designed in such a way that I could not throw newspapers on the porch from a auto. She was the matriarch of the family.

Give your mom a framed photo of the two of you.

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