Lenovo teases it's first true 'all screen' phone

Lenovo Z5 is an all-screen phone with no notch or bezels

Lenovo Z5 teaser shows an all screen phone without a notch

Lenovo vice-president Chang Cheng posted a teaser of an upcoming smartphone, dubbed as Lenovo Z5, on China's social networking website, Weibo.

The iPhone is the most iconic smartphone on the planet, so it's no surprise that rival smartphone makers take inspiration from its design in an effort to boost sales. That's why we see bezels on some phones and notches on others.

Lenovo has an iPhone X lookalike in the pipeline, too - but it's not another lazy ripoff. It even sports a similar wallpaper in early photos Lenovo has teased ahead of its official debut. In two new images that surfaced over on Weibo thanks to Lenovo's VP Chang Cheng, the phone is clearly visible with an extremely small border surrounding its display. However the reality is that for the most part, many of them do not sport full screen displays as there is still some bezels left, but could Lenovo beat everyone to the punch? We'll have to wait to find out how exactly the company has achieved what Apple couldn't. The fingerprint sensor likely isn't a problem - it can be placed either under the display or around the back - but things like the front-facing camera, ambient light sensor, and earpiece for phone calls all need to go somewhere.

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The term "bezel-less" is often used in the world of smartphones.

It's also unclear how the Z5 will handle security. We don't know if the Lenovo Z5 is in production now, or merely a concept. That's a massively impressive ratio, but the teaser doesn't show us the entire device.

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