Microsoft's accessibility-minded Xbox controller leaks ahead of E3

How to Gift Xbox One and Microsoft Store PC Games Digitally

Microsoft's store now fully supports gifting

If this project is a reality, it is likely that in the coming weeks we will know more about it.

The post Leaked Xbox One controller may bring gaming to those with physical limitations appeared first on Digital Trends. Gamers will be able to send any game from the store to a recipient of thier choice.

Microsoft's game gifting feature was rolled out previous year, but it was only limited to the Xbox One users, allowing them to gift games to their friends. We shall be patient and wait for Microsoft to officially make an announcement to find out more about it. All you need is a person's email address to send them a gift, or if on Xbox, you can select them by their Gamertag.

What will you be gifting? For instance, you can't buy and gift more than two discounted products and a total of 10 discount products within 14 days. Because of that, it will now be possible to gift PC games and DLC on the Microsoft Store.

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Sending someone a game gift can be done using Windows 10, any Xbox One, or in a web browser.

Gifting of Xbox 360 and Xbox original games, pre-orders, free products, and consumable downloadable game content such as virtual currency is not allowed.

Available on Microsoft's online store, there are three console bundles to choose from, each with a different main game, with the options being Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Assassin's Creed Origins. Full priced gift purchases have no restrictions on them, though.

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