YouTube TV app gaining voice remote feature

The You Tube TV app running on a Google Pixel phone.                  Sarah Tew  CNET

The You Tube TV app running on a Google Pixel phone. Sarah Tew CNET

The feature will be added without a specific app update, but it is not now available to all users.

"Voice remote" has started to roll out to some YouTube TV users.

It's worth noting that YouTube's mobile apps already let you pause your watch history and search history by finding those toggles in the settings menu, but we could certainly use a quicker way to indulging our freaky side.

Some of Google's apps come with an incognito mode that basically doesn't track what you do, so if you're using a browser on a public computer, switching to incognito mode on Chrome will help give you some semblance of privacy.

Voice remote shows up as a floating action button in the app, allowing you to control YouTube TV by issuing commands. A new "Pause Watch and Search History" has popped up following the latest update, which stops Google from keeping a record of your viewing history.

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Admit it: if anyone looked through your YouTube history, you'd probably end up on a watchlist of some sort - or at the very least, your friends would think twice about spending time with you if they knew what sort of kooky, skeezy, fucked-up stuff you enjoy streaming in secret.

Since the YouTube TV "Voice Remote" feature is not yet part of a downloadable update, there is no choice but to wait for Google to make the official announcement.

When Incognito Mode is switched on, all your activity from the current session won't be saved and all subscriptions will be hidden It's the equivalent of being signed out of the app without actually signing out.

It's also unclear if the feature is only available on Pixel devices at the moment or if it will work on other Android devices.

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