A Phony Vote on 'Net Neutrality'

Senate Democrats push to block net neutrality repeal using Congressional Review Act

Net neutrality advocates gain symbolic win as Senate votes to save Obama rules

Today's the big day for the Senate's big push to undo the FCC's "Restoring Internet Freedom" order nullifying 2015's net neutrality rules. Susan Collins of ME, is set to pass the Senate and then be sent to the GOP-led House, where it'll likely go nowhere - and President Donald Trump is unlikely to back it. Forty-seven senators - all Republicans - voted against it. Sen.

Sen. Ed Markey, who is now leading of the effort to save Net Neutrality, stated that the possibility of President Trump blocking the movement if it passes the necessary votes would create a "political firestorm", however the controversial world leader hasn't shied from such backlash in the past. Repealing the net neutrality rules could lead to higher prices for consumers, slower internet traffic, and even blocked websites.

"This isn't about serious legislating", said Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., during debate over the resolution. "From the GOP tax scam, to attacks on the Affordable Care Act, to rolling back fuel economy standards, and to net neutrality, the Trump administration has repeatedly ignored the needs of everyday American families". "On June 11, we will have a framework in place that encourages innovation and investment in our nation's networks so that all Americans, no matter where they live, can have access to better, cheaper, and faster Internet access and the jobs, opportunities, and platform for free expression that it provides", said FCC Chairman AjitPai in a recent statement.

In what's being called "the most important vote for the internet in the history of the Senate", advocates, such as the organization Fight for the Future, and supporters of net neutrality are "sounding the alarm" and asking constituents to get involved by contacting their senators regarding this issue.

Markey described a coalition of internet voters that bridge the usual philosophical party lines when it comes to government regulation.

What is the net neutrality CRA?

The new rules approved by the FCC will restore the classification of broadband internet access service as an "information service", among other things.

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The 2015 rules were meant to ensure a free and open internet, give consumers equal access to Web content and bar broadband service providers from favouring their own material or others'.

That the FCC overturned its net-neutrality rules was no surprise. "Net neutrality protected everyone. that era, the era of an open Internet, will unfortunately soon come to an end".

The resolution had previously drawn the support of half of all senators, including all Democrats; two additional Republicans backed it in the official vote. Under Wheeler, the FCC did this by classifying broadband internet access services as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act.

He continued: "The Democratic position is very simple".

"Net neutrality" doesn't make for catchy campaign slogans, but there are indicators that voters are clocking this issue.

The FCC's effort to halt net neutrality also is facing a legal challenge in some states.

Senate Democrats, led by Sen.

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