Emilia Clarke paid the same as male stars on 'Game of Thrones'

Yelm Cinemas Star Wars Solo Premiere staff

Even the staff will be wearing Star Wars Themed shirts

Past the flashes of cameras held by Emilia Clarke, who played in the film a character named Ki RA, woody Harrelson and other participants of the project.

Are you excited for Solo and what do you make of Clarke's half-joking response to who should play a young Luke?

"On Game of Thrones, I have always been paid the same amount as my male co-stars. Find another adjective damn it", the young actress said.

Just hours earlier, Emilia stunned in a white ensemble at the Kering Women in Motion photocall. If it's not strong, what is it? "I put in a lot of research to determine my character, there's so much material if you want to dig in". There's like a weak option?

During the interaction, Clarke slammed the journalists for their usage of the phrase "strong women" as she said the usage was sexist for a female lead.

U.S. actor Alden Ehrenreich (L), British actress Emilia Clarke and USA director Ron Howard arrive on May 15, 2018 for the screening of the film "Solo: A Star Wars Story".

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"Let's just be women", she said, suggesting alternative questions could be, "How does it feel to play a female lead in a big blockbuster movie?" or "How does it feel to play someone with power?"

While she kept the make-up minimal, her neatly teased chignon was reminiscent of the classics, and we think her look was quite interesting. "And then when they wanted me to be in it, I'm like, 'What? OK!" "So I think it's mainly in the beginning, just be aware of that and going, 'Can you just check?' You just start to fight harder for that stuff", she added.

"Or just ask boys how it feels to be strong", Clarke replied.

'It was my first job and I was not discriminated against because I was a woman, in my paycheck'.

Emilia said the discoveries were "shocking, actually shocking".

"It starts with the little things, when you say an opinion or idea or concept and it doesn't get picked up in a discussion and then a dude says it and suddenly we're doing it!"

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